04 Nov 2015

WebCrafter now available.

An online variant of AOCrafter, called WebCrafter, is now available.
29 Jun 2015

AOcrayon 0.8.3 beta available.

Changes in version 0.8.3:
  • Loading colors now also processes the default TextColors file, and fills in any missing colors.
  • First public release with proper support for AoC and TSW.
19 May 2014

Site tweaks

Tweaked the site a bit more. I'm happy with the result. I hope you are too.
23 Mar 2013

AOcrayon 0.8.2 beta available.

Changes in version 0.8.2:
  • Color dialogs should now remember custom colors.
  • Reloading colors from backup or defaults should now actually reload the colors.
11 Mar 2013

AOcrayon 0.8.1 beta available.

Another beta-release of AOcrayon is ready for your consumption. Changes include improved path detection for the new Prefs and GUI locations.
There is now also support for creating a copy of the default GUI, when no custom GUIs are installed. This copy will be named 'Customized' and is better suited for making changes to.
If you chose to use this feature, keep in mind that you will also have to keep it up to date with any changes Funcom makes to the default GUI.
27 Feb 2013

AOcrayon 0.8.0 beta available.

This is a beta release of the next version of AOcrayon. Major features in this release includes built-in support for changing GUIs (making GUISelect obsolete...), and support for the new way of handling GUIs in AO patch 18.6. Future releases will also have built-in support for Age of Conan and The Secret World.
30 Aug 2011

Website update.

I've redone the site again. This itteration again uses php to generate the pages from xml data files.
Visual changes include supporting CSS3 and HTML5 (though the site still retains HTML4 compatibility, so no funky tags used...). There are also a few uses of jQuery.

The site has been tested with Firefox 6, Chrome 13, Opera 11.5 and IE 9 (including IE 8 and 7 compatibility mode).
01 Jun 2011

GUISelect 1.2.0 available.

This is mostly a behind-the-scenes update, as a lot of underlying code has changed.
The most significant changes visible to users is that the Save button no longer closes the program. Instead it simply disables the button (until the GUI is changed again).
Another smaller change is the disabling of the SetSkin button (as skins no longer supply the GUISkin element).

Edit: As I had yet again not managed to add the source for the Twp.* utilities libraries into the source package, I have re-released GUISelect today (13 Jun 2011).
06 May 2010

AOcrayon 0.7.0 available.

As version 18.3.2 of Anarchy Online separated nano casting feedback from the system channel, a new version of AOcrayon is needed.
What's new in this release is a new button for changing the color of the new channel, found under the "Misc" page.
In addition the bundled TextColors file was updated to the one from AO v18.3.2.
25 Jan 2010

GUISelect 1.1.1 available.

This is just a small debug release. The only change is that all localization code has been removed.
21 Jan 2010

GUISelect 1.1.0 available.

Settings and log files will now be located relative to the user's home folder.
This should hopefully fix the issues Win7 users have.
26 Dec 2009

AOcrayon 0.6.2 and GUISelect 1.0.0 available.

Another minor release of AOcrayon. Changes in this version are:
  • Improved path checking methods.
  • Fixed a visual bug in basic/advanced mode switching. Colors should actually update properly now.
  • Window position is saved between sessions.

In addition there's now a new tool available: GUISelect
This new tool was made to help AO players change their GUI more easily. It provides a simple interface to select between installed GUI's and update your Prefs.xml file with the one you want. This is best done without having AO running.
16 Jul 2009

AOcrayon 0.6.1 available.

This is simply a small bug-fix release to resolve the black-GUI bug when loading AOcrayon with no GUI selected. It should now properly select the Default GUI by default :)
04 Jul 2009

AOcrayon zip re-uploaded.

Having gotten some reports of issues with unpacking the binary zip, I've repacked and re-uploaded it.
The original zip used LZMA compression, while the new upload uses simple Deflate. This results in a larger, but more compatible zip file.
24 Jun 2009

AOcrayon 0.6.0 available.

As the 18.1 patch for Anarchy Online changes how custom GUIs are handled, a new release of AOcrayon was needed. When selecting your AO installation, you will now also be presented with an option to select which GUI to use.
20 Jan 2009

New website design.

And yet again I change the site. I was never really happy with the old design. I am much happier now. This layout is tested with FF3, Opera9 and IE7, and all is good.
02 Jan 2009

AOcrayon 0.5.1 available.

There's not many visible changes in this latest version of AOcrayon, as the changes are mostly "under the hood". The most visible change is the addition of user-selectable GUI style scheme.
28 Dec 2008

AOcrayon Installer available.

I've added an installer for AOcrayon 0.5.0, for those who might want something like that. The installer will install the program wherever you want it, and optionally add a start menu shortcut for you. The installer was made with the Nullsoft Installer.
14 Dec 2008

Site fixes.

Having noticed the site looked like crap in IE7 (yes, I didn't check this when I rewrote the site...), I've reworked the CSS some. No more fixed position elements (IE doesn't really deal with that well).
12 Dec 2008

Even more site changes.

Rewrote the site yet again. Still using XML for the data, but now use XSLT to display it. It's all neat and cool that way :P
29 Sep 2008

AOcrayon 0.5.0 available.

This latest version comes with support for the new raid channel, among other things. The bundled TextColors file is updated to 17.10.
22 Jan 2007

Website remake.

I've redesigned the site (yet again).
It's now using php and xml mostly for building the site. The layout should now work on most browsers, even IE (tested in Firefox 2, Opera 9 and IE7).
15 Dec 2006

AOcrayon 0.4 available.

This new version features simple button changes for the OOC channels, the new LE Research feedback text, as well as anything that uses the "Misc" channel (i.e. Org. Leader chat and Social on TestLive)
26 Aug 2006

Design update.

Made some code changes to the site. It should look better in Opera and IE now (though still not perfect in IE, but that's MS' fault...).
21 Aug 2006

New site!

Thanks to some lowlife hacker, the work on a new site was hurried along. And here you have the result. Simple, but it works.